Amazon Fire Stick Tutorial

Tutorial – Install My IPTV Subscription on Amazon Fire Stick.

Install SMART IPTV on Amazon Fire Stick .

You just got 12 Months IPTV Subscription, as well as you have an Amazon Fire Stick, but you do not know how to install it?
Do not worry, because we have prepared this tutorial to guide you step by step until commissioning.

Fire Stick has an Android operating system and offers Smart TV features for you to install applications. Its installation is simple: simply connect it with your TV via HDMI, then turn it on. You will see Fire Stick start.

-Installation of SMART IPTV application:

1. In the top menu, choose the search icon.

2. type Smart IPTV

3. Smart IPTV should appear as shown above.

4. Download the application.

5. Now go back to the top menu, click Settings.

6. Open applications

7. Choose Manage Installed Applications

8. Open the application

You should see a page identical to the one above. As first use you will have 7 days of free trial. You must activate the application to enjoy it for life, it costs 5.49 €.

We already have a tutorial that explains the rest of the installation that you can see on the link below.

Tutorial – How to Install and Configure Smart IPTV.