SMART STB Tutorial

Here’s how to find your virtual mac address on SMART STB.

NB: for us, this is the best application for SMART TV (EPG, Logo, Poster, and Summary of VOD and TV Series). 7 days trial then activation at 26 € for life on the SMART TV.

Once SMART STB is installed, open it.

When you arrive at this screen (below) Press OK immediately (this is the key in the middle between the Arrow keys on the Remote Control).

You will get the screen below, you  select “SYSTEM SETTINGS”.

Once on the menu “System Settings” select “DEVICE INFO” (see image below) and there you will see your virtual mac address and the mac address of the TV.

at this point, please give us these 2 informations so that we can configure your application for you, otherwise please go to the site below to configure it yourself.