Tutorial – Install My IPTV Subscription on KODI.

Install the ADDON IPTV on KODI .

To view our great Playlist of channels and VOD directly on your Kodi application, it’s very simple, we’ll show you how to do it in 2 minutes!

To begin, order a subscription that suits you, If you hesitate and you want to take a test to try our service go through here

You have in your hands your m3u link, perfect! We start our tutorial!

Launch your Kodi app and click TV as in the photo below:

A message appears asking you to install the ADDON “PVR iptv single client”, click OK:

After, click on the “ENTER AD-DON BROWSER” button to display the Addons list:

A list of Addons appears on your screen, go down a bit and look for “PVR IPTV Single Client” and click on it:

The Addon page appears on your screen, click ENABLE to activate the addon:

Once our addon is activated, click on Configure:

On the parameters page, we choose LOCATION = remote Path (Internet address) this option will allow us to put the link of our m3u file (it is recommended to choose Remote Path and not Local path to receive updates from the playlist automatically):

After, we click on ” m3u Play list URL ” to put the link of our m3u file:

Paste or enter your m3u link:

After it will be enough to restart Kodi and launch PVR to enjoy your subscription.

Note that this method will not allow to have the epg and the logos of the chains, for this to have this functionality it is necessary to have a link XML TV or to install the Addon Xtream-IPTV Codes more info.